Although more and more people read news on the Internet, newspaper will remain the most important source of news. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, many pals rely on the internet to know about the world. But the count on newspaper readers has never decreased. It still remains the main source of news for rural people.
On the other hand
, we can find all kinds of information starting from employment, obituary, the announcement of new openings, etc. on the internet
essay looks for the authentication of the prompt statement from a wide-angle. A two-three decades ago, people walked to the employment offices to pursue a job according to their educational qualification and skills they possed. Later the emergence of newspapers, many youngsters are aware of the vacancies prevailing in companies, as separate column had been allotted as 'Job Opportunities'. According to a report, The Local business entities got skilled and suitable workers through these advertisements they made on dailies. Whereas, the job seekers are now looking into websites like Naukri, times job, etc. to get a placement.
, 'the time' a piece of news takes to reach a reader. While, it takes a long span of time, to get collected, corrected and printed, immediate hot news is available on the internet with updation.
For example
, at the time of jallikkattu protest in the southern part of India, social platforms like Facebook, twitter provided information at once from the spot, irrespective of the reporter, cameraman. The fighting souls themselves updated lively. But a news agency was able to give the same news on the
day only through a printed form.
, it is to be noted that undigitized and very old newspaper cuttings are useful to police departments in their investigation on any important case.
, human beings are very fond of publicity.
For instance
, when a kid achieves something and it was published in the newspaper on the
page as a headline, they derive some sort of happiness and that was absolutely priceless.
it is possible in online
, they can keep it as a proudful memory. To conclude, from the summary, analyzing through different aspects, I disagree with the point that news magazines are the main important source.
, one can get information from online sites, as quick as possible than newspapers.
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