some people think that intelligence is innate while others think that we can improve our intelligence through learning.discuss both sides and give your opinion.

A large section of the society believe that brainpower of the people come since their childbirth, others have a belief that it can be built up by learning. Both sides of
statement are debatable and should be discussed. As my opinion, I believe that it is worth when it comes since delivery. On the one hand, perception is one of the major aspects of people should have from their births. Many people have a belief regarding
, a lot of educated parents in society have children who do the study very well.
For instance
, some doctors and engineers have been inherited their professional skills from their parents rather than learn them. According to these factors, brainpower must come from birth.
On the other hand
, some of the society think that intellect can be developed by education.
, it doesn't have a convincing from genes of their parents and depends on their literacy background.To illustrate, even some people who are from poor families
as lack of sources for schooling and no one educated their family histories have become educated characters in the globe.
For example
, doctors, professors and scientists.It means that being educated can become intelligent. In conclusion, people have a belief that intelligence comes from birth and others believe that, it can be improved by learning. In
essay,I have discussed these both views and I thoroughly trust that intelligence does not depend on the inheritance of genes. It can be developed by the standard of education and courage of students.
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