In many countries, the age of the criminal is getting lower. Give the reasons for and solutions to the problem. Support your position with relevant examples.

Nowadays, in the majority of countries, individual’s age, who commit crimes, is alarmingly getting reduced. In
essay,I will discuss its main factors which have led to
incidence and a possible solution.
, Virtual channels are one of the major cause of people turning to criminals at a younger maturity.
is because as technology is developed, television and the internet have greatly influenced a human thought process. They are attracted towards how the TV and internet glorify criminal acts
as murder, extortion and similar unlawful activities. To Illustrate, video games, adult movies and other shows which promote wrongdoings.
In addition
to that, friends and companions
drove people toward illicit activities. A possible solution is, if the parents are vigilant enough, Their children, who can commit
illegal activities at their adolescent life, can be stopped early. For
, guardians need to keep a close watch on their children online activities as well as on their companion.
For example
, by regularly monitoring their phones and internet activities. continuing
vigilance until children have a maturity to identify right and wrong.
, a mindset having a large financial balance can protect the individual from law and order is the beginning of sinful act for a person committing its
crime. The reason for
is individuals see the majority of instances, where crooked billionaires , politicians and actors have committed heinous crimes, but are freely roaming in the society. They are able to suppress the judicial system with their financial power.
For example
, In India, a billionaire Vijay Mallay has been able to continue his illegal activities by bribing banks and government employees. Influencing by these acts, motivate Individual to earn money as quickly as possible, leading to a criminal act at a younger age. A possible solution for
is the society need to stop bifurcating people based on their financial status, and started treating everyone equally. They need to set an example by arresting
dishonest billionaires and politicians. By doing so, it will send a positive message around the country, and there is a high chance that character would start getting afraid of the law and order. it will eventually stop a guy from converting into criminal at a younger life. In Conclusion,
virtual media and an eagerness to earn money at an early stage lead to
criminal act at a young age, through strict vigilance by parents on their children and by society acting as moral police by not promoting people, who influence law by their financial power, we can prevent individuals to commit crimes at an early stage of their lives.
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