Although more and more people read news on the Internet, newspapers will remain the most important source of news. Do you agree or disagree?

These days many individuals prefer reading news online on the computer or mobile device.
, there is an argument that conventional newspapers will always stay a reliable source of information.
essay disagrees with the above-mentioned statement. The following paragraphs will give appropriate reasons for the disagreement. There are a plethora of reasons to access news on the Internet.
and foremost, it is available easily on the tip of your fingers. People can view news at any place and time, it doesn't matter if they are commuting or sitting in the office, they are no longer dependent to go and buy a
to read daily updates of the world.
, the Internet is cheap as compared to buying a
and current news is updated online within minutes, whereas printing news on a paper takes at least a day.
For instance
, news related to hurricanes or terrorist attacks needs to reach faster to the people so they can safeguard themselves and the Internet is the best source of modern times for
important updates.
On the contrary
, the
has some downsides and these were not so prominent earlier as now. The
negative is attributed to its cost compared to its counterpart. The
circulation is continually declining, as plenty of information is available on the Internet. Now, in order to arrest
trend, most leading newspapers have introduced online versions alongside their printed editions.
, the demerit
that is
plaguing newspapers is the threat of printing being an environmental hazard. Thousands of trees are chopped every year for making paper. Natural calamities are on a rise because of
. In conclusion, it is clear that conventional newspapers would struggle to survive in our society, and more and more people will switch to the Internet for news.
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