Children today are too dependent on computers and electronic entertainment. It would be better to encourage them to spend more time outside playing sports and games. Do you agree or disagree?

When they get bored, youngsters today spend a considerable amount of time on computers for entertainment. I agree with the view that pursuing an outdoor sport should be promoted and in the essay, I will provide my point-of-view with examples. There are several drawbacks of using computers as a pastime. A common criticism is of violent games and adult content that gets routed to the screen in the form of advertisements, and children are attracted to it.
For example
, in a simple educational youtube video one can get to see promotions for a condom where half-naked girls try to tempt you.
, violent games, that gets major attention from young lads, are trying to control them via different tasks given to them. Another disadvantage is that the glare from these electronic gadgets, impact the eyes negatively. The above examples support the view that computer use should be limited.
On the other hand
, in my opinion, one evident benefit of playing an outdoor game is gaining physical strength since to play any sport, a player, performs a wide range of physical activities.
For instance
, in a game of Tennis, the player runs a lot to cover the ground and bend and stretch quite a few times to serve and play shots, making the whole body, work in tandem. Another advantage of playing outside the home is that you get to make new friends in the neighbourhood of the same age. Within
group, one can discuss their school subjects
, if in case, any help is required.
, games outside homes should be encouraged. In conclusion, these electronic gadgets pose a variety of problems for kids like violent games, pornographic content, and eyes getting affected. In my view, kids playing games outside has far more benefits
as physical activity and peer group formation. Giving these young lads the opportunity to be physically active and make friends by encouraging them to play games outside is more just, and justice is paramount.
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