Some people say that television is useful for education, while others say it is useful only for entertainment. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is argued that some believe that
is used for learning purpose, whereas others are of the opine that it is helpful for enjoyment purpose only. While
is useful for relaxing from work and life stress, I believe that it
provides knowledge and skills. On the one hand,
is beneficial for many entertainers because it relaxes them from many tensions between Jobs and businesses.
In other words
, people watch films, comedy shows and reality shows to get amusement with family members and loved ones, and relieves from all worries of their lives.
For example
, a recent report submitted by the National media showed that 70% of people watch
to enjoy with their closed ones to feel relaxed.
, It is
suggested that they
learn many things from these shows.
On the other hand
, learning is the main goal for some people with the help of watching
because it provides knowledge and enhances people’s skills.
is to say that there are lots of channels and shows, which broadcast information about the learning of various skills
as cooking and studying.
For instance
, the Discovery network shares tons of data of animal species live on earth which is very useful for many biologists to do their research.
, I believe that educating people through
is a more effective way.   In conclusion,
relaxation is the purpose of watching
and resulting in stress relief, I firmly feel that to get knowledge of various life skills from
is very advantageous.
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