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It is argued that television has an educational feature, but some people considering that it has only entertaining function. This essay agrees with the first statement because despite most entertaining TV content there are many educational channels and programs.
Some would argue that the best method to become successful in life is to gain a university degree, while others say that getting a job immediately after secondary education is the right choice. Although working right after high school gains more experience, I believe that having a university degree places people ahead of other people.
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It is often thought by many that Television is beneficial only for amusement and enjoyment, although some are of the view that television is suitable for studies. While there are contrasting views of this, In my opinion TV as a medium is appropriate only for fun and refreshment.
It is widely believed that we can educate ourselves by using television, however, other argue that it can be used only for fun. I, personally, think that television is quite useful for fun but not more than education.
It is argued that television aids in gaining knowledge, while some believe that it only fulfills amusement purpose. Although, watching television helps in getting more awareness regarding the global issues, I believe that people watch it to reduce their stress, by not having to use their brains while watching it.
The importance of a television cannot be over-emphasized. A school of thought says that it is beneficial for enlightening the mind while others say it is only gainful for entertainment purposes. I believe that the television does not only provide pleasure but it is also a tool for learning. In this essay, I will delve into that properly.
It is argued that some believe that TV is used for learning purpose, whereas others are of the opine that it is helpful for enjoyment purpose only. While television is useful for relaxing from work and life stress, I believe that it also provides knowledge and skills.
It is argued that television can be used for education while, others said that watching television is a sort of entertainment only. This essay agrees that television is a beneficial tool for education because it includes some educational channels free of cost and people does not get bore from watching lessons than reading them.
Although some people think that television can be used as a tool to learn about something, others consider it is only for entertainment. This essay will discuss both ideas and explain why I think that it can be used for both but they should not only rely on TV programs to educate people.
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Many populations believe that television can be highly helpful for learning, while others claim that it has no effect as an educational tool and can be used only for enjoyment. In this , essay I will discuss both the viewpoint to represent the benefits and drawbacks of TV as a source of education.
Television is a great invention as it serves a variety of purposes. On the one hand, the community are of the view that it is beneficial for academics because it offers a plethora of programs that can improve one's general knowledge. On another hand, the community think that a TV set is only for recreational purposes because not many people especially teenagers do not focus on everything they watch. Therefore, in this topic, there is an open discussion on both views to find the best opinion.
The topic of television has been controversial. Some people believe that television is useful for education. Whereas I agree with those who think that it is useful only for entertainment.
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