The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in cities and town closing. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, E-shopping is growing day-by-day at a rapid speed. While, it is good to go for paper-less, time-saving shopping, perhaps, there is a panic that it may lead to the closure of all city shops in the town. But I disagree with the prompt statement, keeping in mind that it will not give everything that you want in a full-fledged manner. This essay depicts the view in an elaborated manner. First and foremost, although shopping sites cater to your needs by a single touch, the variety is comparatively less than directly going to the shopping centres and looking for a wide range of designs. For example, one can see silk sarees in online sites but only in limited colours and designs, whereas in clothing shops, there are separate sections available for kalamkari, meenakari patterns with unique colours. Secondly, there is nothing worth than touching a fabric. When I intend to buy a kurta, for instance, I have been always happy to feel the material and putting on my body, seeing in the shop mirror whether it suits me, on the other end it is completely absent in case of online shopping. Thirdly, there is only less number of known trusted sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ali express, etc. All people cannot access these websites irrespective of the bad internet connection and delivery location. According to a report, village and remote people are purchasing rarely, since there are no delivery services provided by the agency, in their area as it is very far. Finally, Because of the possibility of fraudulent activities to be held, people prefer to go to shops to buy their preferences. Due to malpractices in payment and not getting the perfect size of clothes, The CEO of a reputed concern, stated that their trading has decreased by 10%. Hence, there will not be any end to the city centres. To conclude, as far as concern humans who cannot make their direct presence to the stores may go for shopping through phone/computer. On the other hand, the majority relies on face-to-face purchase. So, I strongly disagree that the growth of online shopping will not finish the lives of small shops in the town.
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