Some people think that the media (newspapers ) have the right to publish details of people's private lives, while other think it should be controlled. discuss both views.

It is considered by a certain populace that news publishers have the authority to print details about private matters. While others who take a contrarian view, believe that that
should be kept under control. The discussion of both these views is worthwhile.
, the primary objective of a newspaper is to create awareness regardless of the nature of the crime.
In other words
, it does not matter if a person has committed illegal activity in private within the boundaries of his home, publishing houses should print it as people have the right to know about it.
For example
, a survey released by the esteemed New York Times state that 68% of people were made aware of domestic violence in rural India only because the newspapers published it.
, it is the newspaper that gives an in-depth review of
private matters which helps in a better understanding of the happenings around us.
, sometimes these media houses go overboard with their news damaging the reputation of an individual. Elaborating it
, journalists digress from the actual topic of concern and move to inconsequential private details which tarnish the stature of the person involved. Case in point, Google reports from
year state 24% of UK citizens complained about the Daily times as it published bank details of the friends of a criminal for no fault of theirs.
illustrates that not all things are to be made public and should be kept under control. In conclusion, in a country like India, newspapers will always be considered as the epitome of information.
essay discussed the importance of highlighting private matters and how details that are not relevant should be scrutinized and left out.
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