More and more prisons are being built to house the world's criminals, and many people believe long-term imprisonment is the answer to solving the crime problem. However, others feel that psychological assistance is what is required. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Many prisons are building these days to keep the criminals for their whole
. Some would argue that to curb
crimes, the offender should be detained in jail for their whole
because they can be dangerous for society, while others say that they are sick and need mental health assistance. While breaking the law is unacceptable, I believe they are ill and need to be treated.
, be compassionate and help them treat in the hospital. On the one hand, people believe lifelong imprisonment is the only solution to deter
and criminal activities. Upon release from a custodial sentence, they will commit more
, which leads to a detrimental effect on society because it's hard for criminals to earn and live.
As a result
, their criminal instinct most certainly provokes them to commit more
and makes them a threat to a peaceful society.
, I can't entirely agree with
idea because
long custody will not solve the actual problem without solving the root cause.
On the other hand
, many advocates that rehabilitation should be encouraged and enforced to treat them. The trained professionals should come on board and evaluate the
events' circumstances and deal them with appropriate measures to treat them physically and psychologically.
, a right rehabilitation program attributes the offenders to lead the everyday
upon their release from jail and help them incorporate themselves effectively. I believe
method is preferable because when the offender's idea of criminal execution has explored, evaluated, and treated, the better the chance to keep them away from their criminal instincts, which eventually helps the offender lead a peaceful
later. In conclusion,
-long custodial sentences curb the criminal and the
, it does not solve the real problem in their minds.It is recommended that criminals be treated with compassion to live their lives as law-abiding citizens after release from law enforcement custody
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