Why youngsters have communication gap with there family aa compared to the past....agree or disagree...

Nowadays, teenagers are not communicating with their families as compared to the earlier days.
is happening because of their busy schedule, numerous workload and gadgets. Was communication easy in earlier days.? In
essay,we will discuss both point of views and
conclude and agree with the statement. It is irrefutable that in the past people, whether, young ones or their family were less engaged as compare to recent days.
, teenagers prefer to discuss futuristic plans with their family members as they were
available with them because everyone has ample of time to spend with their family.
, individuals prefer to talk and discuss issues within their families because they were available at required times.
For Example
: - as per current statistics published in The Times Of India newspaper ealier days people do less work and have less tension and these days they are doing more work and do have more tension.
, the discussion was always healthy as less amount of data was available online which lead to less number of arguments. Recently, individual prefer to trust the advice which is available over the internet and mobile. Due to
vast amount of information, these individuals do not require anyone to discuss something.
In addition
, family members are
not available to these individual's sometimes because of their hectic schedule of work life.
, these educational institutes and colleges
provide too much of task or assignments to the young ones, that they are
unable to get time for their family or approach them. Because of
prefer the thing which is available to make quick decisions in today's competitive world. To conclude, Due to the tight schedule of life sometimes family members are
not reachable, because of, which individual
prefer make their own opinion and decisions using the data already available to them. I strongly agree with
statement that communication gap is getting increased but it is benefited to the teenagers as they are able to make their independent decision because of
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