In some countries, owning a home rather than renting one is very important for people. Why might this be the case? Do you think this is a positive or negative situation?

Renting or buying a home is a big decision. Many people value having their own real estates over renting because of adaptability and financial benefits. I believe that this is a positive development for two reasons. Perhaps the main cause is the love for people and surroundings. While I concede a new place might be interesting and full of new amenities or opportunities, the problem is that most cannot always be accustomed to them, thus some psychological issues may occur such as depression or stress. They cannot subconsciously give satisfaction that have been provided by the people living with for a long time. Therefore, many people want to feel sense of stability and security at their own homes since no one has a legal attitude to sell the house or push a person to leave it. Another factor may be tax benefits that most people want to get from owning a home. It is true that some property tax deductions will be less providing that one lives constantly in one area. When it comes to selling the house, the price appears to be higher and probably all costs will be covered. The first reason of homeownership to be a positive development is independence that is crucial for everyone since it is possible to decorate or change some styles of a house as wanted. A further positive aspect might be a permanent atmosphere that people can go to work and school where they feel confident. In fact, many children suffer from bullying and discriminations in schools especially when they move to a new place hence living in one place gives them a healthy lifestyle and children do not usually face problems to study or get well together with counterparts. This is also important for parents to work in a constant workplace and the chance to get a promotion and respect. In conclusion, not only can a homeownership bring conveniences, but it also has some cost efficiencies. Thus, I feel that it is always an advantageous idea to invest money to buy a property.
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