Some people believe online reading materials should only be used for a child to learn to read whereas others believe only printed materials should be used. Discuss both vies and give your opinion.

Without any doubt, society is divided into two groups as per the distinct mindset of different people. Therefore, this has become a debate able issue whether online study material should be used or books are beneficial for teaching children. This essay will not only shed light on both perceptions but also my point of view will be elaborated in conclusion. To commence with the first notion, there are myriad things to be shared in its favour. First of all, in the ultra-modern epoch, the internet plays a vital role in learning and mastering things. This is because there is a number of resources available for studying. For example, there are myriads of video tutorials available, moreover, we can get online classes with great exposure which are quite helpful in solving the complications on certain subjects. The second point is, children tend to learn more with visuals and creativity. To exemplify, images and graphics information easily stored in our minds and retain for longer period of time . As a consequence, it not only increases mental activity but also improves one's cognitive skills. Moving towards the second argument of this debate, the first point of this issue is that books and printed materials contain much theory and less practical. For instance, there is a limitation of resources, if someone cannot understand from one, then they have to purchase another book which is the wastage of money. Apart from this, offline materials are less eco-friendly. In printing a book requires a myriad of paper and ink. As a result, this will leads to decrease in trees and forests from which paper is extracted. In conclusion, online reading material should be used for children because it is cost-effective . Although, books are important, yet these are not eco-friendly. It is expected that online reading material will continue to increase in the future.
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