Many companies sponsor sports as a way of advertising themselves. Some people think this is good for the world of sport, while others think it is negative. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sports is an energetic and competitive field which requires humongous strength. Promoting candidates is an extremely gracious task for any company. Although they gain profits from it, it would greatly help the participants in building a career and also aid the coaches. Some believe that these sponsorship tasks bring about negative influence and will deteriorate the value of the sports. I believe the success of an individual is imminent with the help of an agency. If a well-established company decides to support an individual or an academy in any sport, it will give a chance to the player to showcase his talent. Adolescents will be inspired to build a career in their desired sport without turning away from it. Investing in this field is essential if we want to bring in more people. Also, the organisation can gain a major breakthrough from this advertisement. This will be a win-win situation for both the companies and the players. For example, many companies come forward to support unprivileged children and youth in enrollment in various foundations, helping them in pursuing their goal. Meanwhile, some also state that this will constitute an agreement where a player will be forced to abide by the rules of the firm and would be deprived of his own will. As a result, it would spoil the spirit of the person and will be forced to play by their regulations, bringing a negative effect on their value. For instance, a case may arise where the agency might decide to give more credit to a specific player from a team, causing a rise in the misunderstandings and jealousy between the members of the team. In conclusion, with a positive mindset and support of an agency, a candidate will be able to reach new heights. Understanding your fellow members and trusting in the decisions of the company will bring about immense success and profits. However, one can not deny the fact that this agreement has some rules and regulations which need to be followed.
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