Some people think it is always an advantage to buy local products. Do you agree or disagree?

Many people like to purchase products from the local area as they consider it an easy option. I totally agree with this point of view, because the goods are easy to find in a local market and we can check the genuineness of the product before purchasing. Firstly, to find any item from outside your local area is a cumbersome task for many people and that is the reason why people like to purchase different goods from the local area. Furthermore, buying a product from their hometown will give better after-sale service purchasing from any other market. For instance, if I have bought a mobile phone from my city then it will be much easier for me to deal with mobile if anything goes wrong with it. Hence, it is always favourable to buy products from your surrounding area of living. Secondly, people can save themselves from the fraud which is taking place on the online market as products may not be genuine. In addition, people will always have the benefit of checking quality of products before acquiring it. For example, if we consider buying shoes from a local area, it will always be an advantage as compared to buying online, because we can always try it and check the quality of it. Therefore, purchasing goods from the local area will assure us of the quality of the product. To conclude, purchasing a good from a local area will always be beneficial for the customer as it will save him from bad quality and terrible after-sale service.
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