Some people think young people should go to university to further their education while others think they should been encouraged to work as car mechanics or builders etc. to serve society. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Young people are the pillars of any society because it is usually determined by them only how the future community will look like. Some people believe that youngsters should spend more time studying while others think that they should indulge themselves in social services like car mechanics or builders etc. In this essay we will discuss how young ones can build more sustainable and enhanced neighbourhoods after getting degrees from universities or they can perform social duties as skilled workers, although according to my opinion, youths should prefer doing further studies. To begin with, as the population is growing day by day, various needs of community services are also increasing although the number of skilled workers is not adequate to cope up with demands. To simplify, in many countries the number of young people are larger than old ones and often they prefer to have some office jobs after completing their studies. Moreover, it is often observed that the current workforce who is working as fixing cars or building bridges or homes is not quite enough because yearly the additions in their numbers are very slow, but the demand is skyrocketing and this is happening because young people are reluctant to do hard field works these days. For example, in my locality, there are more than hundreds of car owners but the number of car mechanics is only two. Nevertheless, this does not undermine the value of young ones to be more educated. Moving on to the other part, after completing studies from the universities, youth generation does help the society, but maybe in more indirect ways. Very often, after doing extensive research and hard works in the universities, they make some inventions that usually cut down the required labour per work in half so that less workforce is required and the job can be done more efficiently. On top of that, they also help to make a better and sustainable society by inventing pollutionless pieces of equipment along with better governance by creating some applications or websites. For example, in Kolkata, the students from Jadavpur University built a portable water plant last year that could give everyone clean and safe drinking water with a very small maintenance cost. To conclude, youngsters are required to do social services but personally, I believe that the advantages of higher education weigh more. I would suggest that local communities should encourage their offsprings for joining universities for higher studies.
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