Reading is more educational than watching videos or TV. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Undoubtedly, with the increase in educational content available across multiple platforms, reading has taken a step back over the years. Although reading retains its charm even today, I strongly opine that learning online is often more visually stimulating which results in better understanding of concepts. Many people across the globe advocate the benefits of traditional reading and firmly believe it will always remain the most efficient way of absorbing knowledge, whereas experts these days have a different opinion. The advancement in graphic technology and visual effects has ensured that watching live content not only catches our interest but it also enables our mind to strongly grasp the core intent as well. For example, an infant will always be more inclined towards watching a video with a bouquet of colours on a screen as compared to reading a book, making the process of education intriguing for them. Furthermore, the availability of internet and gadgets in every home has enabled us to squeeze knowledge of an entire library in our pockets in the form of smartphones. We have already encountered immense benefits of this during the ongoing pandemic wherein we adopted these techniques and options in our daily lives. For instance, people prefer purchasing subscription of educational platforms online instead of going out for tuition and buying paper books. In conclusion, I disagree with the notion that reading is more beneficial compared to other modes of learning. I believe that albeit slowly, reading will entirely get replaced by modern technology towards the end of this century. However, I do accept that traditional reading has its appeal and do provide us with the sense of achievement and sincerity, hence a healthy combination of reading along with visual aids can help humans attain new heights.
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