Recently, abortion increases rapidly and becomes a controversial topic. Some people suppose that abortion should be legal while others are against it. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

The rate of the number of abortion cases are high all over the world and becomes a controversial and debatable topic of discussion. Few people, myself included feeling that abortion must be legalised while others are against it. This essay discusses both standpoints. Firstly, why people are against abortion is because basically a growing human life is killed. According to OGcians, it is said that during the first few weeks of impregnation, a fetus starts to develop. So it is natural for people to be against in killing the newborn life in the womb. Secondly, from a doctor's perspective, many illegal abortions will be on the rise and are rendered unsafe if not done in a sterilised setting. In a statistical report in 2018, the number of abortions worldwide were around 5.6million and illegal abortions alone contributed to 3.8 million. On the other hand, abortions need to be introduced into the legal system because women need to have the ability to choose. For example, when a woman is raped or in an abusive relationship and found to be pregnant , she should have a choice whether to terminate it. In India, according to the Medical Termination of pregnancy act 1971, cases where child-bearing can cause bodily harm to the mother physically and mentally, also if the fetus develops severe abnormalities when born, termination is the best option . Bringing a child into this world is a wonderful thing but it should be brought in a stable, healthy environment. If there is no parental care or no proper environmental background to ensure the well-being of the child after birth, it is better to kill it in the womb than to suffer when born. In conclusion, I strongly support, not only as a Doctor's view but also as a woman's viewpoint that termination should be legalised .
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