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Everyone wish to have kids to build their family and carry their legacy. Very few wish not to have children mainly because of their financial or else some other unavoidable situations. Let's discuss few of them below.
Nowadays, Abortion, became common and was opted by most of the people, on various reasons. Due to this, it became controvercy. We will discuss the regarding pros and cons as below.
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The modern lifestyle has led to an alarmingly rising rate of abortion, especifically in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam. Obviously it is morally wrong to conduct such action but whether it should be banned legally is yet to settle. Both sides of the argument will be presented below with a conclusion of the writer’s view.
The discussion of whether young people nowadays should be taught to be good parents and what skills needed to be ones will be presented as below.
Nowadays, Abortion means not removing the baby before they are born. They have been argument going on whether it should be legalised or not. Lets discuss in detail regarding the same in the latter part.
I am writing to express my disappointment with the meal that we had at the flower drum restaurant, Adayar branch, last Saturday. My family had accompanied me at this food joint.
Right to carry on with or remove the pregnancy legally, has become a controversy recently. Some consider it to be legalized, while others oppose it. This essay will discuss the positive attributes of abortions and on the other hand, elaborate on the views of the people who consider it as a sacrilege in the religious point of view.
Increase in the number of pregnancy removals has risen to a controversy recently. Some consider it to be legalized, while others oppose it. This essay will discuss the positive attributes of abortions and on the other hand, elaborate on the views of the people who consider it as a sacrilege in the religious point of view.
Due to modernisation most of the couples are spending together in living relationship and it is casual due to intercourse female can be pregnant due to lack of precautions but we cannot deny that due to negligence abortion cases on peak. In following paragraphs, I am going to discuss both phases of this scenario.
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Abortion is the one of the main problems in current society. The rate of abortions is increasing rapidly day by day, it was the one of the controversial topic nowadays. There are different type of people who suppose it and some are who oppose or against it. In this essay, I gonna discuss about both views and I will give my opinion in the conclusion.
In recent times, abortion has become a controversial topic as there are many cases that are increasing quickly. Few people argue that this process should be legalised, however others do not support it. This essay will discuss the above two views, and it will also state my opinion.
Over the past few decades, the number shows a drastic change in amount of miscarriage and now it's become a controversial subject in society. Few individuals believe that government should ban the miscarriage process, whereas remaining people are not in favour of this viewpoint. In this essay I will elaborate both the opinions along with my vision that is authorities should allow it with certain rules and regulations.
Whether terminating the pregnancy should be acceptable by law or not is a debatable question. Few are in favour of making abortion a legal act, others claim that it should be considered as a crime. This essay will discuss both the statements, and then present a concluding view.
In this contemporary world, media attention has become a blissful thing for a lot of celebrities. However, it has become a sin for a few individuals because their personal life is getting distracted. An increase in electronic and social media is undoubtedly one of the paramount factors behind their loss of privacy. I believe the media ought to obey their personal space.
In this contemporary world, there are a lot of legal issues regarding a miscarriage. Especially, a great deal of people follows their religion principles in terms of an abortion. It is argued by the Millenials that abortions should be legal, while the old age people air that it must be illegal. In this essay, I am going to describe both perceptions, and will state my opinion at the end of the topic.
In this affluent world, rapidly increasing abortion rate is a major problem around the globe. Where many people deem that miscarriage should be legal in the country while others do not favour it. In this essay, we will discuss both the notion and I believe that abortion should be considered as a crime and there must be punishment for it in our society.
Nowadays, the rate of abortion rises significantly in society and creates controversy all over the world. While some feel that it should be authorized by the law as many people scared to take care of a baby, others argue that it should be banned to protect the health of a mother. This essay will discuss both views and outline why I feel abortion is a cruel act, which has to be shut down completely.
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At the modern time, abortion has become a topic which people pay high attention and argued with others. Some of them think that abortion behaviour should be protected by the law, while others hold the opposite opinions. This essay will try to discuss the views from both sides and provide my personal sight base on my own experience.
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