The Growth of online Shopping will one day lead to all shops in towns and cities closing. Do you agree or disagree?

In tody's technological advanced world, it is easy to get products at the beck and call at the comfort of home, with just having an internet connection, credit card and of course a smartphone. The growth of online shopping has taken to the next level where one day, the shops in towns and cities may close down. The younger generation is more technologically advanced and is manipulated easily by many e-commercial sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa etc and I, for one is a good example. Online purchasing of items has grown a lot over the few years because of the heavy workload. The long hours of work and busy lifestyle have made it difficult for the people to actually buy the materials they desire in stores rather find it convenient to get them through online instead. The e-commerce websites show a wide of products, from various price ranges and different sellers along with exciting sales, make the youngsters get attracted and addicted to them. The discounted prices, comparing the merchandise to the other websites, exciting banking offers and also the option of choosing the delivery date and time at their convenience are other positives of online shopping. However, there are benefits to this, it has its cons also. People splurge in buying without any control and also sometimes our credit card details are being misused through the payment modes. On the other hand, there are traditional shoppers visiting malls and local shops to get their goods. Consumers like to feel and touch the products before they bargain. For example, my grandparents prefer to shop physically to purchase fruits and vegetables to check their freshness. In conclusion, I practically accord with the notion but it would not lead to closing down of local shops as they still an advantage for the usual traditional consumers.
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