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In the last twenty years, many virtual stores have grown in population, and many physical shops have declined. However, real shops have their value of existing for several purposes, such as clothes, color, and material p
The technology driving world lead to expand on the marketing and establishment of online stores on a smart phone therefore some people view this technology of shopping or obscure the shops in the city and I totally disag
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All physical shops will be closed and replaced by online shopping in the future. This essay agrees with this statement because online platforms provide massive promotional campaigns and people can buy things that have no
A glance at a line graph provided reveals the figure of medical care in three European countries,counted in percent,from 1960 to 2000.Overall,almost all data experienced a up ward trend except for that of clothing
There is a huge demand of e-tailing around the globe due to the electronic service progresses in favour of people's energy and time. But it also has another negative side effect. One of them, end of the existence of all
The online purchasing of items has been increasing day by day. The demand for online services has risen. However, offline markets would be closed in the future. It's important to shop online because people prefer to go t
The online purchasing items have been increasing day by day. The demands of online service has rised. However, off line markets would be closed in the future. It's important to shop online because people perfer to go onl
It is argued that the popularity of shopping online will lead to the ending of all shops in towns and cities in the future. While traditional shopping has several advantages, I firmly believe that online shopping will be
Recently, due to the development of sales technology and the spread of social networks, people can shop with their own devices instead of shopping from stores, consequently, the physical stores will be closed very soon.
Nowadays, all over the world, the topic of closing shops in towns and cities due to online shopping is omnipresent. While some people think the advantages of online shopping exist, other people think there are disadvanta
Consumers tend to shop on the Internet nowadays which affects retail outlets. A major concern is that various stores in our communities will have to shut down as fewer customers may visit their businesses. However, I di
It is argued that purchasing on the Internet will make local shops run out of business. I disagree with that because consumers do like to purchase a thing after trying it out and additionally the process of returning thi
There is no denying the fact that online places will be bigger than actual places. While it is a commonly held belief that shops in cities will disappear and vanish, there is also an argument that opposes it. In my opin
Expansion of E-commerce business would lead to a significant closure of physical stores in cities and towns soon. In my opinion, I would partially agree with this statement.
Online shopping has taken the world of the Internet by storm. The question of whether online websites will replace all the shops in towns and cities is a huge debate. I completely agree with the fact that Cyberspace can
Nowadays, online shops have opened up for almost anything you could imagine. The upsurge in people’s tendency to buy online has shrunk shops’ share of the whole market. Some predict that eventually shops will be complete
Nowadays, surfing through various websites to find items that people want to buy is the most common and convenient way to make a purchase. But that does not mean that it will result in the closure of in-person stores com
Technology plays an integral role in our lives. No one can deny the fact that the local market will shut down in the future due to the online market becoming more popular. I am inclined to disagree with this phenomenon a
All shops in towns and cities will shut down as a result of the increase of internet shopping. I disagree that such a scenario will happen because of the benefits that physical stores have over the online ones.
In recent years the trend of online shopping has increased its popularity exponentially. Many started to believe that this will lead to the disappearance of all stores in towns and cities. While this trend is valid and o
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