Advantages and disadvantages of travelling with a group.

There is no doubt that visiting tourist destinations is a popular free time activity. However, if they go along with other people, bring both positive and negative experiences. Care and support can be earned from this , but there is a chance to meet tourists with conflicting attitude. On the one hand, firstly, travelling with a group is very supportive in many terms. This means If any emergency arises, the members can support each other and they can encounter the difficulties effectively. For example, when tourists trapped in a forest, without leaving any food or water, they would survive as they could motivate each other and think about feasible solutions to overcome the hurdle. Similarly, this is the time holidaymakers to develop a strong relationship with other members. This, eventually, makes the trip active and interesting. Nevertheless, on the other hand, there are some negatives also be found. The first and foremost point here is that lack of cordination. This is because people have different viewpoint on various activities and preference. This can be conflicted with others. Moreover, this indifferences may spoil the fun of the entire pre planned programme. For instance, when a traveller wants hear light music, others oppose the request would create some frictions inside the group. Alternatively, solo traveller has the freedom of decision to have whatever he or she likes. In conclusion, people have various opinions regarding whether solo trip or group is better. even though visiting a place with a mass can have merits, demerits also be there such as disorganisation and indifferences.
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