More and more companies are allowing employees to work at home. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Many companies are now allowing employees to work from home in an increasing order. In my view this development is beneficial for both the employees and the company. This essay will first explain how traveling and infrastructure cost is saved and then talk about employees' convenience by adapting this phenomenon. Firstly, the major advantage of allowing people for working from home is in the favour of organizations only because comapnies pay for the lease of their offices and setup. This expense cost them about 30% of their profit. On top of that, traveling is another big expense which is provided by the companies for thousands of employees. Cutting these two major exapenses can help the industries in getting more share of the profit. For example, during the pandemic all the companies allowed their workers to work from home for almost a year and they vacate their premises on the lease. By doing this, they have earned a commendable share of the profit even in the falling economic year. Secondly, this setting provides the flexibility to their employees to work at their convenience. People can balance their routine and work while being at home because being physically present in the offices don't give this freedom to them. Also, they can spend some quality time with their families while working and this is indeed required in our hectic routine. For instance, my sister drops her kids to school and her husband pick them up when they both do work at home whereas going to office does not give them this flexibility. In conclusion, allowing working from home is an indeed a positive development in terms of both the companies and the employees considering the above facts of the profit and the flexibility.
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