some people say that modern innovations bring a lot more problems than benefits. To what extent do you agree or disagree

There is no doubt that people have a different opinion whether the latest technological advancement brought positives or negatives to mankind. In my viewpoint, I firmly believe that this development has more advantages than any disadvantages. Mainly this fastens and brought luxuries in our life. Firstly, by the introduction of technical advancement, communication has been improved. In other words, availability of internet helped us to contact people, who live another side of the earth. For example, calling applications such as Skype and Viber allow us to make video calls and this blurred the geographical boundaries. Alternatively, In the past,it was taken months to reach one letter from one country from others. Moreover, by using various kitchen appliances reduce our household workload significantly and people have enough free time for relaxation. If we followed traditional methods, we would not have attained the advancement, which we have now. Another point here to consider is that , nowadays, students can search for any information without any assistance. There are many search engine provides plenty of information about one subject. This saves our time and can focus to study even better. Similarly, the online class would enable pupil who located a emote place can join the lass without having a physical presence. For instance, some foreign universities started a virtual classroom in order to accommodate participants from globally, especially, during COVID -19. In conclusion, even though there some minus points can be associated with the new technologies, the merits are huge. Currently, we, humans, overly dependent on this and this would even continue further.
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