Some people believe that countries should produce the food to feed their population themselves and import as little as possible. To what extent do you agree or disagree

It has been always a point of discussion that whether the countries should rely on home production or import the goods for their population. However, I firmly believe that it has more advantages than disadvantages. I would justify my opine in below paragraph of the essay. To commence with, Production of food in bulk would definitely feed the entire nation.Thus, The government should be more focused on the agriculture sector. They should provide the necessary resources to the farmers like seeds, compost etc. Therefore, they can fertilize more crops, vegetables, fruits. Secondly, Fresh food is certainly is healthier than preservative items. When we import the food it cost higher since it has freight charges and taxes and customs duties . As a result, Such cuisine sold expensive. Since Many people could not afford such items. Mostly home labelling products are in reach of the middle and lower class. For Example, India has introduced the green revolution in 1960, It introduces the chemical fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides , high yield cropping and method of multiple cropping. It has able to harvest in large quantity. Furthermore, more cultivation will give employment to our farmers. When we put an end to import automatically money will be saved that currency can be invested in another sector this will definitely help the economy. On the other hand, It is true that every country has different climate it is impossible to produce everything. Apple is mainly farming in Winter climate. It cannot be reared in every country. For Instance, Middle-east is Warm and desert continent. Hence countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia they import it from countries. In Conclusion,Production of food items at home country would be beneficial for Economic growth of the nation. Additionally, No one will be deprived of food when we starting yielding food within the nation. However, there is a certain food item which is quite impossible to grow therefore, Countries are bound to order such foods from other parts of the world.
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