While some people are in favour of gene editing other object it on moral grounds. discuss both views

While many are backing the genetics alternation others are in opposition based on ethical values. The essay will discuss both prospects of the issue. With changes made in the DNA sequence,we can resurrect not only the extinct species but can save many of the endangered species from annihilation.For example, CRISPR a technology used for DNA coding where it can eliminate the weak or troublesome DNA structures and produce an offspring free from any genetically inherited diseases. For human beings its is the greatest medical achievement as it will reduce the cost imposed on health care or treatment for diseases like cancers , HIV even Alzheimer, adding more it can be implied to adults which can make them live a long and healthy life. While the overlook is quite positive it can be a hazard if used by anti agents of society.The process can give rise to a new race of new superhuman who can be a weapon of destruction. To exemplify, removing morality and empathy from the gene arrangement and rewriting its code can make it as real as a bond movie supervillain. Another aspect is affecting a lass of the society, since the technology is expensive only the premium people will be able to access it ,they can make their future generation based on colour, gender, body features and intelligence according to their choice. It will lead to expanding the gap between the rich and the poor but can create a decline or elimination of a community or mass. To conclude, Genetic Coding has great prospect to resolve many hereditary complex diseases in humans and animal adding more it can help in the preservation of our flora and fauna but in the wrong hands it can be the element which can lead to irreversible repercussions.
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