Social Media has helped us increase our virtual networks . this has isolated us physically making us social awkward in person. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give you opinion.

The virtual world is on the growing exponentially due to the presence of many social networking platforms, this has made us immobile and causing nuisance in our public life. I disagree(do not ) to the statement and this essay will focus on how digital platforms improve social life. The digital media has made the long distances come short , with video calling and instant messaging services we can get updates of our close ones in a very short time. For instance,one can face time their friends in the US or Europe or even the Antarctic to get an update of them and even share our feeling and stories with no waste of time, at no point in history was this possible to have such instant feedback or sharing of emotions in such quick succession. Digital media deepens the bonds between people and makes them excited for the next meetings. These platforms can also help in avoiding any conflicts of interests , there are people across the globe who may share the same interests and with virtual networks,they can join together, create harmony adding more economy also booms with such these platforms as it gives opportunities to have a look at different places, plan and book the visits to these serene places . For example, one can use Air BnB ,Uber or goibibo to books hotels, ticket etc and hence encourage tourism. To conclude, in my opinion,social media is a place where we can learn, meet and share our thoughts with masses and has no impact on social life. These digital networks help us keep communication with our close ones where daily meetings are not practically possible.
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