Every year several language die out. some people think that this is not important because life will be easier if there are fewer language in the world. Do you agree or disagree?

There is no doubt that many languages are endangered. It is often thought that
trend is beneficial;
, I personally believe that
is true because it improves communication between countries and reduces the conflicts among them.
, when the number of languages has died out, people would start a conversation in
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vailable medium. By doing
, the barriers could be blurred and open plenty of opportunities in multiple levels.
, various business sectors could be witnessed a great leap.
In other words
, if both partners vernacular is same, that makes positive energy there, which would enable to have strong connections.
For instance
, a recent study showed that during a business meeting if everyone speaks similar, which might be more successful.
, countries boundaries can be overturned by having a bilateral conversation among enemies. The reason for
that the key cause can be discussed and maybe they could reach an agreement or peace settlement.Another point is to consider here that extinction is the part of evolution since we are part of a small global village. Alternatively, speaking different languages divide mankind and they could not grow as we expected.
For example
, in India, a country with more than 20 entirely different medium of communication. Despite the differences, they live unitedly as they have two official languages both Hindi and English. In conclusion. even though people have a different view on whether the extinction causes any problem, I firmly believe that
brings benefits to individuals and society. It is predicted that
disappearance will be continued even in the future.
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