More and more people are eating healthy food and exercise regularly. What are the reasons for that? What can we do to make other people do the same?

Nowadays technology has completely covered the entire world from young to old. Majority of people prefer daily workout and healthy eating to maintain their body. In
essay, I discuss why obesity and health issues are primitive reasons for people consciousness and put forward some solutions to motivate other people.
To begin
with, health concerns and obesity are the biggest motivators for individuals to change their lifestyle. Eating fresh vegetables, fruits increase the metabolism of the body and reduces the chances of getting any heart disease.
For instance
, a recent survey by Harvard University showed that junk snack is the main reason for heart and genitourinary issues which
lead to complications
as heavyweight and shorter life expectancy of a person. By doing regular exercise blood circulates to the whole body and perfuses the organs with the quantity they need. It helps to reduce putting weight on and increase the longevity of life.
, people give substantially importance to cuisine and activity on daily basis.
, training takes some time of the day its advantages overweigh the disadvantages.
On the other hand
, energy awareness camps and advertising will be the best ways to encourage people to opt for healthy living. With the use of awareness camps, people will become more aware of the strength concerns related to a sedentary lifestyle and effective measures like avoiding fried meal, street food, and drinking preservative drinks. Advertisements on Televisions, transit will divert consumers mind in
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, advertising and campaign put a positive impact on individuals. To conclude, people opt to eat healthily. The government should implement certain efforts to help people to choose foods which are better for their health. Avoiding
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lifestyle and exercise regularly will definitely decrease the chance of diseases.

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