Some people feel that playing computer games has a negative impact on children’s health and social skills. Others say that it can have a positive impact on their lives. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

In recent years, it is observed that children spend several hours playing video games.
it is stated that playing simulated games does have a bad impact on a child’s
, it is argued that it can leave an uncommon positive impression on their lives.
essay will discuss both these views, and state why it is not good for the children’s social skills and how it affects their mental
. On the one hand, virtual games do have some beneficial impacts on an adolescent’s life.
To begin
with, playing video games helps them with better-thinking capabilities.
For instance
, children who involve themselves with playing puzzles and chess on the
will be able to think more creatively and innovatively in their lives.
these games are petite, it does leave long-lasting learning in an offsprings life. Clearly,
games do have some positive impact on a juvenile’s life.
On the other hand
, despite the advantages of
games, some people do argue that electronic games leave a negative impact on a child’s
. Combat games,
for instance
, are fierce in nature,
, makes the children more violent in their thinking. Even though playing these games not only affects their mental
, it
affects their time for studies; because they tend to be glued to the
In addition
, electronic games
affect the social skills of the child. As the young ones are engrossed with virtual games, it is often seen that they are not much interested to be in the real world. Juveniles these days lack
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striking and maintaining a good conversation with other people because they run out of a topic soon. In short, these games have some serious ill-effects over a child’s
and behaviour. In conclusion, electronic games do have both advantages and disadvantages for children. I,
, believe it has more of the negative impression, as children would have a difficult stigma to overcome their mental illness.
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