Environmental issues have always been an international problem because governments are not imposing harsh punishments against offenders. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Support your answer with specific reasons and examples.

Environmental problems are increasing more and more and it is supposed to bring about stricter laws and limits by the government of all countries in order to compel companies and individuals to save natural resources.
, nothing is done and it allows people to not care about these issues. I agree that if the officials of each country set up tough penalties, the environmental problems would loosen all over the world.
, each head of each country is responsible for supporting the appropriate environmental conditions in his or her community. It is obvious
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when the environmental questions are being resolved at a local level, the international level of these points becomes not so pressing.
, it could give a multiplying effect and result in way more noticeable enhancement of the world environmental situation.
For example
, if each region established modern recycling technologies, the extent of domestic, air and water pollution on the Earth would considerably decrease.
, we are on the verge of environmental catastrophe.
On the other hand
, people are lazy and irresponsible, it is on-brand for them.
, it is necessary to create strict environmental standards and punishments for their braking.
will organise factories, plants and citizens as well to comply with rules and, thereby, will improve the world environmental conditions.
For instance
, in Ukraine,few plants apply the special filters to their pipes and an enormous amount of smog is released every day. It does aggravate air pollution not only in Ukraine but impacts the quality of air in the neighbouring countries. If the Ukrainian Parliament brought about laws and penalties against
actions, all plants would be forced to implement measures to lower the emissions. In conclusion, in order to struggle for a better environment at the international level,each country should do its best. The most effective way to proceed
is to impose severe standards, laws and limits and establish rigid fines for those who violate them.

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