In many countries, fast food is becoming cheaper and more widely available. Do the disadvantages of this outweigh the advantages?

In the modern fast-paced world, it is becoming increasingly challenging for the folks to take out some time for themselves
, they tend to cook less at home and consume unhealthy meals frequently. While some believe it is a progressive change for the society,
, others, including me, entrusts its opposite. In
essay, we will discuss not only the benefits but
, the drawbacks of the aforesaid scenario along with some references. Undoubtedly, with the introduction of industrialization, the competition has increased to an extent that employees are busy upgrading themselves recurringly so as to reserve their jobs.
instances have left them with very little time for their personal space.
For example
, after spending 9 hours in the office, followed by 2 to 3 hours of commute and
, having minimal sleep leaves an individual with roughly 3 to 4 hours in which he will certainly choose to relax
of performing any other activity like cooking. The aforesaid drawbacks, in my view, are a major cause of the continuous decline of human’s health graph over a decade.
On the contrary
, junk-food outlets are advantageous in terms of offering time-saving options.
, some regions promote the idea of consuming meals outside.
For example
, real estate in Thailand does not comprise kitchens unless specified, as their citizens are superbusy in driving the nation’s economy
, they prefer to grab a meal on outdoor eateries.
, the Thai Government is extremely strict on the quality, so if a meal is served by any small cart will be as hygienic and nutritious as compared to any other retail outlet. In order to incentivise
ideas, it is important for vendors to adhere to the hygiene norms. In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that it is the sole responsibility of an individual to take care of his or her well-being
, healthy consumption must be followed diligently.
, it is crucial to be healthy from the inside
, a weak physical body invites a lot of diseases in the long-run thereby, hampering the future generations as well. I strongly opine that the disadvantages outnumber the aforesaid advantages,
of looking at the short-term benefits, one must attain a broader perspective.
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