Nowadays many people choose to be self-employed, rather than to work for a company or organisation. Why might this be the case ? What could be the Disadvantages of being self-employed?

Many people prefer to establish their own business and
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The indefinite article, a, may be redundant when used with the uncountable noun self-employment in your sentence. Consider removing it.

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self-employment rather than
for a company or organization these days.
, many government and banks provide financial support and encourage people to have their own business.
, in my opinion,
idea has both positive and negative aspects, and
individuals should be aware of what they can lose before taking
a decision. There are several reasons for
case. The main reason for
case people prefer to be independent
as having a more flexible working schedule.
In addition
, people want a schedule which allows them to start and finish their workday when they want.
means that they can come to
earlier or later than the set time.
For instance
, it gives them more control over time which is important to individuals who are parents, has some health issues or has 2 jobs.
On the other hand
, there are several drawbacks to
of all, there is no guarantee that the self-employed will earn enough to live a comfortable life, while others who
for a company receive an exact amount of paycheck every end of the period and they can predict their future so they don’t have to worry about financial issues.
, individuals have to spend more energy to achieve their goals which makes them mentally tired and cause health problems.
For example
, a study conducted in the south and north shore showed that the number of neurones decreases in the brain of the self-employees. In conclusion, it is considered by many that one of the benefits of run their own businesses is having a flexible schedule,
, they should be aware of drawbacks
as health issues and less life comfort.
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Answer the 'Advantages and Disadvantages' topic

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  • Body paragraph 2 – disadvantages
  • Conclusion

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  • The disadvantage of this...
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