Some people think that kids should be sent to nursery school before primary while others think kids should be kept at home with family. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In recent years, pre-school culture for the kids has been flourished quite significantly, where the younger ones have to learn certain traits and ethics before starting their primary education. while some believe that this trend is pretty beneficial for the initial learning, others argue on the importance of parental supervision for the toddlers. In my perspective, home is the place where the kids learn the most; however, working parents have no option other than the kindergartens. It is often said that home is the first educational centre for the growing kids where they learn various cultural norms under the guidance of their parents. This means that the early age of the kids is a time where their mind is developing exceptionally, and the immediate family is the one who keeps an eye on them and teach them. For instance, a child would learn at its best by observation, where the parents play a pivotal role by educating the kids to respect elders, how to eat and how to talk to others. Therefore, it is obvious that there is no replacement for learning with parents. On the other hand, if the husband and wife are career-oriented people then they may have no other options left. In this situation, it is essential to leave a kid to a place where he would be in safe hands, rather than hiring a nanny who might have no idea about treating the kids properly. Furthermore, the staff at such institutes is specially trained to handle the immature toddlers and they know how to cater them. For example, In South Korea, more than 90% of the kids are sent to these kindergartens which results in highest literacy rate in Asia, and also government supports the working parents by exemption in charges. Hence, this practice would ensure that kids learn in the safest hands. In conclusion, although some think that kindergartens are essential for the kids to learn certain traits before starting their educational journey, others argue otherwise. In my opinion, pre-schools are needed for the kids of working parents, otherwise, home is the best place to learn the cultural norms and etiquettes.
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