Some people believe that students should be taught international news as a subject at school. Others feel that this would be a waste of valuable school time. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Nowadays, globalization plays a big role in human civilization. Because of that, the development of the current situation becomes more important than in previous decades. That might the reason why some people think that international news should be put into a school subject, whilst others think in a different way. Therefore, in this essay, I will examine both perspectives and give a plausible conclusion. To begin, many people have proposed the local communities to add this idea into some school so that children can gain more insight regarding the global condition and that is the idea. Furthermore, having global news as a new course, it may help the pupils to think critically and in the long-term periods, it can be helpful for them in the future. For instance, the founder of Alibaba. He might not graduate from a university, however, the desire to get international information leads him to establish the second-biggest online shopping in the world. It can occur because having this knowledge can lead him to a thoughtful decision that ordinary people can not understand or achieve. On the other hand, others against that view. It is because the international news is not supposed to be put as the school subject, it is better to let children know the information through themselves. Thence, there will be no extra time added in school. Why did I say that? Because some parents are getting worried about the children's burden. Being at school for more than 8 hours a day may inflict some stress or mental disorder. For example, in many kinds of research that have been conducted across the world, all of them said that in this century, young generations, which are Y and Z generation, are vulnerable to stress. Also, the probability of people getting stress has increased from less than 30% in 2010 becomes more than 50% in 2018. Hence, this notion is quite unnecessary to our recent situation. In a nutshell, although some burden may be added to kids, the positive impact of this idea is more promising for their future. Thus, in my honest belief, I agree that international news should be put as a course for kids.
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