Some people say that online study is more effective than traditional learning. Do advantages outweigh its disadvantages?

As the Internet becomes more popular, many people have used online learning as their primary learning method. Others argue that the quality of online studying may not be as effective as the traditional way. This essay will discuss the merits and demerits of online learning to see if the positive outcomes can surpass the negative ones. One major drawback of the Internet is the difficulty of filtering information. For instance, if students research a topic online, there are numerous articles of the same topic but the quality may vary. Furthermore, some websites can also provide misleading data, which may cause their readers to study false knowledge. Therefore, this studying method may have unexpected consequences if people are unable to determine the trusted sources. However, online learning provides many benefits to people and one of them is the ease of accessing information. For example, university students may have to buy books for the courses and they can be quite expensive. Moreover, many of them may not want to keep those books because they cannot afford a place to store all of them and they need to sell them when they finish the courses. If digital books are available, students may save money and they can also keep these digital copies if they need to. As a result, online resources can be a solution for people to access knowledge easily. To conclude, the Internet has brought both positive and negative outcomes of learning. However, the gains are more significant than the losses because many people can access to knowledge as it is cheaper and faster.
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