Now a lot of people in college are doing academic study. should encourage them lo learn vocational skill (like plumbers electricians). Do you agree or disagree?

Majority of the people are acquiring academy schooling these days.Though attending college is mandatory, some people believe that students should be encouraged to gain some other mechanical artistry such as plumbers and electricians, however,I do not agree will the given statement.I will list down the reasons for my disagreement. Firstly, students spend their majority of life period after earning the educational institution degree going through a lot of hardships.Hence, there is no reason for asking them to learn other vocational skill other than their field, undervaluing their college training.Moreover, emergency situations are not often when an individual may need plumber or electrician, in case of needy time, at most of the places, one can find technical person easily.For instance, students at college are always busy learning new things of their own branch, if they are forced to learn new job not related to their field, it may be waste of time resulting in disappointment among students.As follows, college students should be encouraged to sharpen their accomplishment and increase the knowledge-oriented to their own line. Secondly, if college students will start leaning vocational skill then, the people who can not afford the university study and employed as a technical person, be it electrician or any other,they will also have fewer opportunities to work because people are already knowledgeable and can do technical work of their own.Thusly, the ratio of unemployment will rise causing more difficulties for the technical persons to earn a living.To illustrate,If an individual gets his fan damaged at home, and he has learnt how to repair fan, he will not call the electrician as it will save money and time both for him. Therefore, vocational skill is something, which is easily available to learn for poor people, and at least those skills, people should let to someone who can not afford the higher education. In conclusion, some people may see mechanical skills as necessary and may give the motivation to learn those skills to students pursuing the university discipline, nonetheless, I do not agree with this for the reasons, that it may let students feel underestimation of the university education, as well as lead to the employment of technical persons.
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