Some people say that team sports are more beneficial than individual sports. What are the benefits of playing in a team? How can it help later in life?

Playing sports plays an important role in an individual's life as it teaches so many things. However, it is often argued that playing in a group has more benefits rather play alone.This essay will discuss the advantages of team sports and also how it is useful in later age. To start with , games are the building block of one's life and to play in a squad is very beneficial. Firstly, if children start to play a game in a company it teaches many things namely discipline, time management , responsible and communicative skills. In other words, sports make the people stand society and how to behave while meeting new people and athletes of another team. Moreover, sports make them a better person. For example, a survey conducted by sports channel found that 60% of people agreed that games have made them another person, as it teaches them a variety of things and how to react at a certain situation. Therefore, it is quite evident that playing in team has more advantages. In addition, playing in team is proved to be fruitful as a person is getting elder. Likewise, a person becomes more responsible socially. Because the game has taught the rules and regulations which one will implement in their life. They will be more cautious about family safety , health and will show more efforts to do for the communal group. For instance, sports players when get retired from their game , focus more about their social benefits. For example, Sachin Tendulkar an Indian batsman , he builds community centres in his town and neighbouring cities so that people can come and spend their leisure time in some activities. To conclude, I believe games played in a group has more merits as one can learn many things and due to that people become more responsible, disciplined and caring in their later age.
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