Government should spend more money on education than on recreation and sports. Do you agree or disagree.

It is more often stated that more money should be spent on academics than on recreational activities by the government. In my opinion, both are equally important, therefore, I disagree with the above statement. I will discuss my stance with the arguments in the paragraphs below. To begin with, extracurricular activities are vital for mental health. there is a saying "all work and no play makes Jake a dull boy" implies on this situation. If an individual spends a whole day in studying only, he or she will not learn to interact with others which lead to personality disorders. For example, taking part in sports develop team spirits or involve in arts and crafts activities would improve heir creative side. That is why, it is important that education and recreation are given equal importance, as it would help in the overall mental development of individuals. Furthermore, engaging in activities, assist in improving the physical self. Recreation especially outdoor ones encourage good physical health by increasing stamina,flexibility, endurance and body strength to name a few. Moreover, doing physical activity from an early age would imbibe a culture of discipline. For instance, a child who is involved in a sports ad regularly practices the same would develop a routine over a period of time. this practice would in a long run, will have a positive impact on the child's lifestyle. Due to which it is important that extra curriculum must be given the same importance as academics. To sum up, in the light of above I opine that recreation should be given as the same value as education, as it helps in keeping good mental and physical health.
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