Some children have a natural ability to grasp foreign languages and for that reason it should not be a mandatory subject in the academic curriculum. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Learning is the best means of communication. Children have very well capable of learning a foreign language. Due to this, A section of the society informs not to include a foreign language in their syllabus. I strongly disagree that it should impact on their future. This essay will provide reasons and support to add foreign language as required one. To begin with, A section of the society requesting the government not to make the foreign language as mandate one. This would impact their mother language while speaking or writing. They cannot be shine if the foreign language includes in their syllabus. For instance, In India, the German language made it as mandatory in their syllabus in some of the primary schools. Due to this, children find it difficult to follow the grammar of the German language as it is very tough to learn them. On the other hand, children have very good in understanding the foreign language until 5 years old. Scientists said that children can learn more languages at early ages,unlike adults. Although some of the languages are confusion, children do not find it difficult in it. Moreover, they can help their parents in terms of accent and grammatical mistakes which parents usually do. Hence, we should not make the language as optional in their academic year. We also support children who find difficult to learn the foreign language by means of encouraging Quiz competition and some other techniques to make them easy. In Conclusion, we should support to add foreign language in their syllabus. I believe this would help children can learn it and it would be highly beneficial in their future in terms of education, employment and so on.
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