Some people say that technologies such as mobile phones are disrupting social interaction. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is considered by some individuals, that the issue of social interactivity deficit becoming more and more alarming due to the abrupt development of technologies. Although, improvement and rise of communication apps opened new ways of interaction, however, any of them does not fully replace interconnections alive, which is why I do partially agree with this statement. From first glance, the advance of programming and technologies is giving a huge quantity of opportunities. For example, at the time of the coronavirus pandemic, this trend helps all people and especially academies in continuing study process and keeping social interaction non-dangerously by using internet connection and applications namely Skype, ZOOM, and Microsoft Teams. Also, social networks provide the ability of conversations and introductions with any person wherever he is. It will not only keep interaction but also expand the user’s horizon due to interactivity with individuals from other countries. On the contrary, people prefer to interact in online chats rather than face-to-face. For instance, according to studies of Common Sense media more than two-thirds of youths say that they would communicate with their friends online than in person. It indicates that the young generation becoming more adaptive for technologies and less for traditional ways of communication. In conclusion, computer programs, as well as social networking, help people interact staying at home. However, this tendency influences on increasing of individuals favoring communication online.
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