The rise of convenience foods has helped people keep up with the speed of the modern life style. What are the advantages of this trend. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

In this modern world, many things have drastically changed including, the quality of living and food habits. The benefits of this trait are that it helps to save time and allow them to have less work. However, the biggest drawbacks are that these kind of foods are detrimental to health. In my opinion, avoiding fast foods are considered to be a wise option by considering its downside. Since many people are busy these days they barely have spare time to cook their own healthy food rather than that they think it is a wise option to get some pre-prepared food from a nearby shop. Additionally, parents will get more time to spend with their children unlike, them rushing to the kitchen to cook supper as soon as they come back home from work. Unlike, in the past now in the competitive business world, people don't tend to show a keen interest in what they eat? they are more voided towards making a profit out of their jobs, so they would prefer to order some convenient foods and ease their hunger. As an example, many huge fast food enterprises such as KFC, Burger kings are gaining success with a lofty amount of consumers. Thus, consuming easy to prepare foods to have their own merits to peoples lives. On the flip side, the eminent drawback of these kinds of processed nourishments is that they have negative ramifications on human health. Despite, of the artificial taste these nutriments consists of harmful chemicals which can distort the normal equilibrium of the human body and cause detrimental consequences. Many cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction are significantly common these days due to unhealthy food habits. For an instance, considering the values obtained from body mass index (BMI) many individuals nowadays, are above the range of 30, which considered to be obese and will lead to fatal illnesses. Hence, the downside of these junk foods is a foreseeable hindrance to humans livelihood. To conclude, in this contemporary world it is observed that processed food have a high demand compared to that of home-prepared meals. Although the main affirmative of this latest trend is that it is less time consuming it is also seen as a health hazard. It should be agreed that people should limit the consumption of these unhealthy foods.
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