Some people think that public libraries are necessary, while others believe that nowadays public libraries are no longer important. What is your opinion?

Nowadays, people feel that Public library is no longer needed that it is of no use as we can have plenty of material references from internet. Some people think that it is required that few people may benefit from this. I believe that library is much required for those people who do not have internet facility can utilise this. Also, some of the good books we can get it from this public library rather than on internet. To begin with, professors or students were often going to library and collect the references with respect to their education during the 1990s. Not only the professors but also normal people who go to the public library read the newspaper and spend better time before this internet facility. Besides, We can get general information such as storybooks, trip advisor magazines, sports magazines and so on. On the other hand, Nowadays people started using smartphones to collect all the information in a very fast manner. It is highly beneficial to those who do not have a public library in their places. In the education circle, Many students often using internet to receive enormous information with respect to research papers, academic subjects and so on. This is very helpful for students,teachers,lecturers and so on. Although many people received information from internet, we cannot stop to go to the public library. We can have some more information rather than on internet. We may feel better ambience when we are in the public library. In conclusion, We should start using the public library at least once in a week to feel the better ambience and good materials than on internet though we have a lot of information collected from phones. Hence I believe that the public library should not close because of this internet facility we received.
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