People across the world are more similar than they are different. To what extent, do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, opinions about the similarity of people in the world have various interpretations. One part of people claims that all people are resemblant, but others are sure that they have differences. I agree with this statement, because people have more similarities, than they are able to recognise them. Firstly, all people have the general needs, which let them live. In other words, everybody needs to rest and to work, both of them are connected, because people can’t work all time long and they are losing their strength during the act. If they do not relax in time, they can get sick and lose their job. Moreover, the main need for people is food, as nobody is able to live without eating. There are a lot of examples, when people died due to absence of any food and water. According to the statistics about dwellers of Africa or the same example about World War II, where most part of people were dead owing to starving. Secondly, religion makes people similar. Some people are sure that somebody in the sky or under the earth manages their lives. These people attend the churches and other places, which connect with their religions. Besides, here are a lot of different beliefs, and all of them have their own followers. On the contrary, even if people claim that they are atheists and they deny everything supernatural, they continue to believe in non-existence (atheism). Equally, it can be another type of faith, such as belief in themselves or science. In addition, any belief and confidence in their own point of view about existence or absence of the Gods make people similar, because they follow one way of the ideas about life, world construction and others. For instance, The Guardian has written that all people follow their religion, even if she does not concern the Creator. In conclusion, I can say that similarities of people around the world exceed their differences. As for me, there are lots of things why people would be completely similar, such as feelings, needs, religion. Even these are different, their existence makes people similar.
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