Even in today's advanced era, many people believe that bicycles are the best way to commute from one place to another. How far do you agree or disagree?

In this day and age, technology has made transportation more efficient and convenient. While many individuals argue that bicycles are still the best mode of commuting, others disagree. In my opinion, I strongly concur with the former view, as cycles are the most efficient way of travelling because of its convenience, health benefits and environment-friendly. In this essay, the aforementioned view shall be elaborated further. Firstly, the pollution levels are rising at an unprecedented rate these days, and it is high time that something should be done about it. Bicycles are the most accessible form of transportation because of its size and weight as it is easier to carry and get through narrow spaces. Secondly, travelling by cycles promote a healthier lifestyle. For instance, it often reported that people nowadays have little or no physical activities in their lives eventually leading to obesity and other health-related issues. As a result, cycling serves as a form of physical activity that keeps an individual fit and active. Furthermore, another benefit of cycling is that it is ecological-friendly because it does not have any fuel emission or cause traffic congestion. For instance, In Japan, the government has installed special lane and parking facilities to encourage and motivate people to use cycle. Consequently, the traffic, air and noise pollution have plummeted drastically in such regions. To summarize, had it not been the rise of pollution and health problems, bicycles would not have been considered as the ideal mode of transportation. Therefore, I completely agree with the statement that cycles are the most ideal way for commuting.
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