Nowadays many young people are drawn towards dangerous sports. What makes them so attractive? What measures should be taken to regulate such sports and minimize the risks? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words.

Recently, there is an unprecedented craze among millennials to try adventures activities like sky-diving. The most common reason for their attractiveness is the out of the world experience that it generates for the protagonist. However, this game should be tread with caution, hence it should be regulated by safety laws. To commence with, once in a lifetime experience is the pivotal reason for its tremendous success. These days, teenagers are inclined towards living on the edge, looking for opportunities to test their limits, and aspiring to be idiosyncratic. They just want to move out of their daily drudgery, and do something extraordinary, which they can boast proudly in their social circle. Even though they are aware of the risks, they still take the help of adventurous sports for making above things possible. For example, as per the recent survey published in Lonely Planet, 70% of skydivers mentioned the experience as a prime motivator for undertaking the activity. On the contrary, even though we cannot control the sport, we can surely regulate it by introducing safety law. Keeping the adventurer safe should be the top-most priority of the company who is organizing the event. Nevertheless, there will be some who knows the importance of it but to make it a standard practice there should be a specific guideline related to every sport. It should cover basic do’s and don’ts such as age restriction, trainer qualification and equipment certification, failing which can result in a license cancellation of the organizing company. For instance, as per the sky diving guideline, a person with high blood pressure, diabetes or excess weight are not allowed to participate in sky diving. To conclude, although once in a lifetime moment will instigate many youngsters to participate in dangerous sports, the regulator can still make it quite safer by introducing safety guidelines, which will deliver the similar action but with extra care.
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