Many people have jobs that involve working shifts (i.e. working at night). What are some of the problems that shift workers might face? What can be done to solve them?

In recent times, the work timings are not only restricted to the day time but also extended to nights. It has a few drawbacks such as leads to poor health and reduced concentration at work. There are possible remedies which will help us to overcome them, namely, taking adequate breaks and joining yoga sessions. The first and foremost demerit of not having a constant schedule of work is that it paves way for bad health. This is because people do not get enough sleep when they work in night duration, even though they try to compensate that sleep in the day time. Thereby, disturbing the body rhythm which adversely affects them. 85% of labourers of a welding factory, for example, had diagnosed with several health issues as they had to work under dynamic working hours. Secondly, the majority of people have less focus on the work as their mind is already exhausted due to insufficient rest. It is, therefore, apparent that had there not been any changing hours of work, individuals would not have deteriorated health. However, many effective solutions are readily available to tackle these problems. Primarily, providing enough breaks while on work would be overwhelmingly beneficial as it enables the body to have sufficient time to relax. Consequently, facilitates the well being of the people. According to a recent survey, to illustrate, revealed that human health becomes less vulnerable to diseases when it gets required time for recovery from any tiring activity. Besides, enabling yoga classes by the employers will make their workers have improved attention during the work. Thus, if proper steps are implemented for the good of the employees by the recruiters, then it will be undoubtedly advantageous for both of them. To conclude, in today’s scenario, many individuals are working under rotating shifts. Although it has shortcomings, for instance, having a negative impact on health and diminishing focus on the job, these challenges can be conquered by taking sufficient intervals during the work and attending yoga programs.
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