Many elderly people are no longer looked after by their families but are put in care homes or nursing homes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

In recent years the number of elderly people living in care homes has increased significantly. This essay will discuss the main advantages of nursing homes including providing safety and companionship environment for the residents. This essay will also point out some drawbacks of those institutions, such as high costs and isolation from the relatives. There is a number of important benefits that nursing homes possess. The first is that they offer medical attention to the residents. As many of them have serious health problems, the presence of trained staff for 24 hours a day is a significant benefit that provides a sense of safety both for the patients and their families. Secondly, residents of care homes build a community that every member can feel a part of. Taking part in social activities has a positive impact on elderly people’s mental health. For example, it allows them to feel needed and appreciated. Clearly living in a nursing home can be very advantageous for seniors. Despite the benefits, there are some drawbacks associated with living in a care home. The main issue is that assisted living facilities can be very costly. Many people cannot afford to pay for constant care, especially if they do not have plenty of retirement savings. Another disadvantage is an increased sense of isolation and loneliness. In many cases, living in a nursing home leads to reducing contact with family and friends. To illustrate, people often put their elderly relatives in care homes that are situated a long distance from their homes. As a result, they meet each other less frequently. Overall, living in a senior house has many negative aspects to consider. In conclusion, putting elderly people in care homes is an important decision that strongly impacts their quality of life. This essay discussed the main advantages of care homes including safety and social aspects. This essay also suggested risks associated with assisted living facilities, such as high costs and reducing contact with the family.
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