Nowadays many young people are drawn towards dangerous sports. What makes them so attractive? What measures should be taken to regulate such sports and minimize the risks?

Today's Youth is attracted towards sports which are usually fatal that's mainly because it gives them adrenaline rush leading to a sense of achievement. The other vital reason maybe peers pressure. In adolescence, they prefer activities which are in trend rather than of their own choice or preference. However, such sports are usually harmful if not practised under expert advice and keen supervision and that's the reason why careful monitoring, training as well as systemic modulation is required in order to experience them. To commence with, Adolescence is a part of life in which an individual irrespective of sex undergoes hormonal changes. During this phase of life, they are easily drawn to activities which are full of fun and excitement and when at the same time it involves risk, it gives them a sense of achievement after doing it. For example, Sports like Bungy jumping, Sky diving, Paragliding etc. Similarly, Peer pressure is the commonest culprit which motivates them towards such events. Recent studies in Sports magazine of 2019 shows 70-80 per cent of youth opt for such games just to show their friends how brave and strong they are! However, these types of activities usually involve a lot of risk factors and eventually prove to be fatal. For instances, once in a few months,we read in the newspapers about the accidents due to failure in the techniques of paragliding or bungy jumping causing serious casualties to the participant. So, certainly strict measures and set of rules are to be set to prevent such events in future. This could be done by a compulsory training program for all the participants before attempting the actual one which in the end should be supported by providing certification of participation to them. Also,all these events should be observed minutely by an experienced supervisor and it should be recorded under CCTV so that if anything goes wrong, one can access the loophole and by correcting it eventually avoid more accidents in future. For example, Ad hackers is a famous Australian sports company which is always been appreciated for its safety and good quality policy. To sum up, though few fatal sports seem to be attracted to young people, they should always be carried out under strict monitoring and skilful training in order to enjoy them at fullest without any harm.
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