Many governments think that economic progress is their most important goal. Some people, however, think that other types of progress are equally important for a country. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

It is undeniable that every nation has different ways to boost their manpower. It is, therefore, the states contend that they should only focus on the economical sector, whereas, some people believe that the governments should address the other sectors equally. This essay will discuss both the sides of an argument in detail along with my personal viewpoint as I am supporting the later statement. It is quite evident why the territories should only consider rapid economic growth. Because the economically strong nations could stand up even in the situations of global crisis such as drought, floods and many more and could ultimately mitigate the effects by providing essential services to the residents. For example, in the CoronaVirus pandemic, the developed countries of the world have supported their citizens financially. Also, in Canda, people got $2000 monthly from the government, when they were laid off from the job during the lockdown. Thus, it is certainly required for the territory to have some funds to support the people. Conversely, it is a matter of understanding that the state authorities ought to ensure the other important facilities for the people. Likewise, education and health sector are the areas which need to be focused by the judisory bodies because if the government will only insist the economic sector, then the citizens will not be able to achieve the higher education due to the lack of facilities in the educational institutes and at the same time, negligence in the medical treatment and equipment will lead towards the far worse outcome which subsequently hinders the government to intact their power. For instance, there are many countries i.e. America, Canda, who are considerate towards their citizens same as they are financially strong and utilize the abundance of resources for the well-being of the people. Overall, well-educated and healthy people are the pride of every nation so these areas should not be overlooked by the ministry. To conclude, It is true that powerful nations are strong in terms of finance. Though, the government should not strict particularly about the finances, while he should make the laws which are worthwhile for individuals. As far as I concerned, I believe that along with financial security, possible facilities should be there for the people.
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